Monday, June 28, 2010

EtsyMom Monday - Holly Sanford - Fiorella Designs

Are you looking for a new accessory to express your own unique sense of style with an eco-friendly twist? Etsy is truly known for being a marketplace full of innovative handmade finds, many of which are created from repurposed materials. This week’s Marvelous Mom, Holly Sanford is owner and designer of Fiorella Designs ( Let’s meet the talent behind the funky, original, upcycled cigar box purses that combine fashion and art!

Etsymom: Holly - Fiorella Designs (

Her Art
I create one-of-a-kind purses made from cigar boxes. Every purse I design is so personal to me, and is very hard for me to part with! I focus on themes that will allow women to express themselves. My favorite purses have a wine-tasting theme, where I incorporate materials like cork, distressed papers, and wine labels.

There are many steps involved in upcycling a used cigar box into a finished purse. Finding the most unique cigar boxes is the first step. They have so much character and are already beautiful on their own. From decoupaging the papers on, to finishing with a tassel and coordinating interior, there are many hours that go into the planning and process.

The Artist
I am fortunate to be able to work from home where I am able to watch my two sons grow each day. What began as a hobby has really begun to take off for me. My background includes sewing wedding dresses, interior design, and scrapbooking. My varied interests really come together in helping me create my purses. I am so passionate about what I do. There is no greater reward than to have other women love my designs the way I do!

Here are some of my favorite picks from Holly's shop:

I love the classic elegance of this beautiful black and white “Cherish” jewelry box, accented with a burgundy rose. (

And this "Queen of Hearts" purse is just fun! (

Please visit her shop for many more selections! And don't forget to post a comment here to let her know how much you like her shop!