Thursday, December 17, 2009

Etsymoms Gift Guide - Think Green!

This holiday season why not give something that you will feel good giving while the recipient will feel good using? There are quite a few etsymoms that sell eco-friendly items that would be great holiday gifts.  Here are a few that I found:

Babiesmomma has a wide selection of products like blanket, nursing covers and aprons. But what caught my eyes are the eco-friendly coffee cup reusable sleeves that are made with fun and beautiful fabrics. She is even taking custom order if you have a specific print in mind.

Whenever I go out with my kids I always like to pack a couple snack bags in case the kids get hungry. Boogaboobabies has the perfect eco-friendly reusable snack bags great for outings with the kids. These bags come in different sizes and patterns that your kids will love. All of them are washable and reusable which are wonderful for our enviornment.

Looking for ways to store the plastic bags that you get from grocery stores so you can reuse them? Oursideofthemountain has just the solution for you. These plastic bag holder would be a nice way to store all of the plastic bags that you plan to reuse. They can be hang up too to save your cabinet space.

We can all do our share, big or small, so that our kids can continue to enjoy our beautiful planet. So go GREEN!