Friday, December 18, 2009

Seeing Red

With Christmas around the corner I wanted to do this Friday's finds with Christmas inspired items, specifically red.

The first featured mom is I loved the idea of these so much I purchased a pair for my little one. I already have a set of these that we use for arm warmers and they work out great. For me she is in a dance classs that she has to wear tights. Sorry, but tights just aren't warm enough in 20 degree weather. Also keep in mind that she has free shipping until the beginning of the year.

My second featured mom is I love this dress, but I also adore the model. I think this dress is super cute, and I especially love the little bird in the bottom corner. Check out her shop for lots of great dresses and accessories.

And last I am featuring something warm and fuzzy for us adults. The shop is She is also a fellow member of my EtsyNJ group. I love fingerless gloves. I have tried a few patterns myself and have not made a pair to my liking. These look great! They are red (first and foremost), and made from a soft acrylic yarn. She too is running this item at no shipping so you can't beat the deal.

Thanks everyone for taking the time to view the blog. I haven't heard from anyone with any ideas for a giveaway, so I guess no one is up for it. Oh well, maybe next year I will give more notice than a week before Christmas :)