Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Etsymom Gift Guide - Featuring a few of our new members

We were all there once...a new seller looking for ways to increase exposure and make some sales. So for today's gift guide I will be featuring a few of our newest Etsymoms. Hopefully this will drive more traffic to their stores. Etsymoms, head over to their stores and show them some love!

The first store is AlexKelly Jewelry which has contemporary, sophisticated designs that are one-of-a-kind. I particularly liked the Pinot Noir Necklace (just from the name alone!). She is working on a new line so make sure you check back often to see what's new.

The weather is getting so cold lately (yes even in So Cal which is where I am) so it was refreshing to see Tammy's store HotLavaClothing. She has very cute tops and dresses for girls and nice shorts for boys. Her items are all limited in quantity to keep every piece special. Just visiting her store made me feel warmer already!

Eurolenscape, our next new etsymom, has a shop with very pretty cards, for christmas or just for a simple greeting. Each photo on the card is reusable and suitable for framing. So by sending her card to someone special you are not only sending a greeting, you are also sending a gift! She is offering free shipping on many of her items so do take advantage of that.

Jewelry is always a hot holiday gift item. SimplyUniqueKreation has jewelries that are simply...unique! She has a lot of special going on. A holiday sale with15% off all item, free shipping on any purchase (everyone likes free shipping!) and free gift wraping also! She definitely made it easy for us to send a gift this holiday.

The final store on today's gift guide is AliceInTheAttic. She has a wide variety of items in her shop. What I like the most are her Japanese hair ornaments, Kanzashi, which are hair ornaments that are worn by Geisha, Maiko and brides. The ornaments are made from silk and decorated with beads, pearls and bells. Each silk petal is folded by hand, glued and assembled to form a single bloom. This would be a very special holiday gift!

Finaly, I want to extend a warm welcome to all of the new etsymoms and wish them good luck with their store!