Friday, June 11, 2010

Marvelous Mom Weekly - Dawn - Simply Breathless

Being a mom is not an easy job. Between the kids, the husband, the house chores and for some of us, the job outside the house, do you remember to take care of yourself? With summer fast approaching it is more important than ever to give your skin and body the best treatments you can get. And you can get it from our marvelous mom this week, Dawn, the owner of Simply Breathless Natural Healthy Beauty (

Below is a little more about Dawn, her family and her shop!

The family:

I am a Mama to 4 great beautiful children , Friend, Boo Boo kisser, Wife, Sargent and lover of life and Earth!

The Talents:
My blessings are so abundant and rich. I have been afforded talents beyond my wildest dreams and have achieved so much within the past 11 years. Guidance has brought me to the place I am now and I prosper each and everyday.

I Started my career as a Hairdresser in NYC then furthered my studies to become a Pastry Chef! That not being enough for me I had taken on crafting in general and learned the skills I carry today for my knitting,crocheting,sewing,papermaking , jewelry making and Breathless Beauty's Bath and Body Care Line!

The Shop:
Breathless Beauty's journey has always been a passion driven one as many things we use and love for our body are made with so many chemicals and unhealthy ingredients. Many long hours of chemistry classes, saponification tables and values, reading soap crafting books non stop and lots and lots of trial and error has brought me to soap and bath and body product crafting.

I want to bring hand crafted back to a society where commercial mass production has become the norm, by providing all my natural bath and body care and artisan works affordably to each and every person I can.

Where to find Dawn's wonderful items:
Visit our websites below for product information and ordering!

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Please visit her shop for much much more selections! And don't forget to post a comment here to let her know how much you like her shop!

Here are some of my picks:
Sweetness Shea Souffle ( $8.00 This is her best seller!