Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Important Team Annoucement

Updates 06/10/10

A new poll has been created to allow members to vote on yahoo group. Once you visited the new sites and look around, please remember to enter your vote on yahoo.  This is the only place where we will count the vote so please don't submit your vote any other way. Below is the link. Thanks.


Hi Etsymoms,

As previously communicated, we are looking to possibly moving our private forum to a new location. We have narrowed down to three possible sites for members to meet - Socialgo, Spruz or Yahoo (current site). Our goal is to have only one site for our members to communicate instead of having both the invision board and yahoo. This will eliminate the need for members to sign up for two sites and check both sites for team communications.

Some of the basic features that we looked for in the new sites are

*forum setting to allow for discussion topics & posting
*ability to email all members for team annoucement
*member profile page
*photo sharing, etc.

For the next few weeks we have made the two new sites - socialgo & spruz - public so that all members are welcome to sign up and give them a test drive. We will be posting a poll on yahoo group to allow you to vote which site you like most. The sites with the highest vote will be our future team site. Again, yahoo is still another one that we are considering so we could stay on yahoo if that's the preference. The invision board will be closed upon our migration.

Below are the links to the two new sites:

When you sign up, please be sure to list your etsy shop so we can validate before approving access. After you register for the site, you will need to be approved by one of the Etsymom Admins. We will try to approve as quickly as possible so you can test out the sites.

If you have any question with the log in, please feel free to contact

Stace -
Alice -

This same posting will be on the yahoo and invision board as well.