Friday, April 2, 2010

Marvelous Mom Weekly - Maria - Vital Mother Moon

As a busy mom we always put our family first - kids, husband, pets - and sometimes we forgot about ourselves. So if you are reading this post, grap a cup of tea (or drink of your choice!), sit down and relax before continuing because the Etsymom that we are featuring is here to help you pamper yourself! Don't forget to visit her site to see the many wonderful items she offers too!

Etsymom: Maria - Vital Mother Moon (

I am Maria from Vital Mother Moon. I am a new mom - though not new at all to mothering. A Certified Prenatal and Postpartum Doula for the past 6 years and also a certified prenatal yoga instructor and a certified clinical herbalist! I have helped over 90 mothers and seen 90 babies brought into this amazing time and I have been devoted to the health and well being of women and their young babes for almost a decade!

On Etsy I make healing care products for body - inside and out. The products are made from my other social enterprise - urban farming! I own and manage a community-based urban farm in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA. There we grow our herbs and harvest and dry them for tea mixes, tinctures and salves! Everything is done right here in Pittsburgh PA and we are excited to see customers come from all over the U.S. to check out what this growing "green" city has to offer!

I am now officially a Mompreneur! My sun Negus Tafari was born on September 26th and he is an amazing little man. He sits in his chair or bounces in his jumperoo while I work on products, promotions and packaging! Its been a joy to share the business and soon - the urban farm - with him this year!

I am inspired continually by women herbalist across this world from Rosemary Gladstar ro Rosita Arvigo, Jeanine Baker and many others! I am excited to have received some of their knowledge to pass on in superior-quality herbal-based products through Vital Mother Moon.

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