Saturday, November 15, 2008

And the EMCA goes to...

How about this giveaway? Isn't it awesome?! So many great prizes given away already, and so many left to come! Today is November 15 (already!) and we would normally be publishing the EtsyMom newsletter, but we have decided to skip it this month and make up for it by publishing our first ever holiday edition next month! (EtsyMoms click here to learn more about it!)

The EtsyMom team does a monthly "challenge" to encourage our members to curate as many Etsy treasuries as possible and the mom who gets the most wins the EMCA, aka EtsyMom Curator Award. Each month, the challenge goes from the 15th to the 14th of the following month, and we are here to announce the winner of the October-November round of the EMCA! Huge thank you for EtherealRhapsody for tallying up all the treasuries and writing the following article!


The following EtsyMoms are our high scorers of 4 or more Treasuries. Thank you so much for all your efforts and perseverance! It just gets more challenging as the festivities and the seasonal holidays descend upon us.

, mom to a little girl who models her TuTus. She also has quilts, and party favors to offer.

BoodyBabies, our first EMCA winner who if but for the fact that she won the previous EMCA would have tied for the award this round as well. Not only does she create baby accessories, blankets, gift sets, children’s clothing, aprons, banners, bags and totes but she is the one we have to thank because in addition to curating the treasuries, she has been almost single-handedly posts all the treasuries on the blog recently. Thank you so very much for your participation and contribution to this award!

RebeccasRags, a repeat high scorer who creates rag quilts, burp cloths, fleece blankets, tote bags and clothing. She has 3 kids aged 16, 11 and 3

StampinMom creates cards, gift tags, wooden letters and also has a special section for a creation by her daughter.

StitchinMommy, is repeat high scorer who creates cross-stitch baby bibs, note cards, ornaments, sachets and 18 inch doll clothes. She is mom to a 1 yr old.

WeezaWear is a mom who works in and outside her home, she creates children clothing, baby slings, women's clothing, hair accessories, Boo Boo Packs

Without further ado, 2QT4Words won with 7 Treasuries. Wow!

How many Treasuries did we score this month? 62! Hooray!

A BIG thank you to all including alphabulous, alycia, cinnamonspice, californiacreations, cindyjoy, domesticdays, flandersfield, jholtonquilts, jleighdesigns, peekabooproductions, sweetbeets, totentots, wylesstyle and zuzugirl for curating for the rest of us. Pictures say so much and watching how they are pulled together is exciting!

Just a quick reminder to review the short list of rules:
1. All items in the Treasury need to be from EtsyMom stores. We appreciate the honesty as it keeps my sanity come counting time.
2. You must mention EtsyMom in your title or subtitle.
3. You cannot win the month you are a sponsor.

So! Our 3rd round has already started as of November 15 till midnight, December 14th. We need Clickers and Commenters. Click and comment on every EtsyMom Treasury you can! Statistics of each Treasury are recorded and increase the chance of it making the first page of Etsy! It's such a validation to see that others are appreciating the effort by their comments.

Our sponsors for the November-December round are tiltcreations, monogrammingbytammy, and craftyslb. Thank you for volunteering your lovely stores!