Monday, September 15, 2008

EMpowerment - September 2008

By Brandy of WylesStyle

We are so excited to introduce the EtsyMom Curator Award - an award that will honor the dedication of one EtsyMom each month! The recipient will be the EtsyMom who helps to promote the team as a whole by curating the most EtsyMom team treasuries in a one month period! We will also be acknowledging each and every team treasury as well as the EtsyMom who curates it here, on the EtsyMom blog!

We know that many of you probably don’t know exactly what a treasury is, or how to “snag” one of your own, but don’t be discouraged! This edition of the newsletter will explain how the award will work, how to easily curate your own treasury, and pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about Etsy Treasuries!

The big holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and we want to promote EtsyMom as a team to get our name out there and encourage others to buy handmade products from hard working, talented and dedicated moms. We think that a great way to start off is by encouraging all EtsyMoms to curate EtsyMom team treasuries. We have reached almost 1300 members now, so can you imagine if even 5% of us are able to curate EtsyMom team treasuries at the same time? (That’s 65 treasuries, if you’re counting!) What a huge impact it would have on promoting EtsyMom! Many people check the treasuries often, and I know that some shop directly from them.

This is how the EMCA will work:

1. Each EtsyMom who curates an EtsyMom TEAM treasury will submit a link to their treasury link here in this thread: Official EMCA thread

2. Every single team treasury will get a screenshot (picture) posted here, on our EtsyMom blog, as well as a thank you with a link directly to the mom’s shop who curated the treasury.

3. The EtsyMom who curates the most treasuries in a one month period will be the recipient of the EMCA, which is comprised of two parts: the winner’s shop’s EtsyMini will be posted on our team blog for one month as a thank you for helping to support the team, and they will also get to choose a $5-10 prize from one of that month’s sponsors.

The rules:
The sponsors for the month CANNOT be winners for that month.
The same person cannot win two awards in a row.
In order for your treasury to count, you must fill it with EtsyMom items, and mention “EtsyMom” either in your treasury title or description so it’s easily identified as an EtsyMom treasury.

The recipient of the award will be announced each month in the EtsyMom newsletter, and a special mention will go out to each EtsyMom who manages to curate at least 4 treasuries in that one month period.

The EMCA challenge will be active from the 15th until the 14th of the following month. This means that the first challenge starts TODAY! The first recipient of the EMCA will be announced on October 15, and their EtsyMini will be on the EtsyMom blog from October 15 – November 14.

Each month, we will have 3 new sponsors for the EMCA recipient of the month to choose from. You can sign up to be a sponsor here: Official Sponsor Sign Up Thread. EtherealRhapsody will be in charge of this list, and she will be choosing 3 different sponsors each month. The first month’s sponsors are WylesStyle, CraftGirlAlli, and EtherealRhapsody. The first “winner” will get to choose one prize from ONE of these participating shops.

You can post in this thread ( Official EMCA thread) to share ideas, as well as tips and tricks you’ve learned about treasuries. Let’s all share the love, and help click and comment on all EtsyMom treasuries when you see them to help get the team more visibility!

We hope to get a good response and at least keep this up through the end of the year! Good luck and happy treasury hunting!


1. Go to the treasuries (from the Etsy home page, click “treasury” on the left side).

2. Arrange the treasuries by Expiration. Click “Expiration” TWICE, until you get the treasuries all arranged from number 1 having the shortest life left (the first time you click expiration, it will arrange them by the longest life left).

3. You will want to see how many treasuries there are currently. Then, take that number and subtract 333. The number you are left with is how many treasuries need to expire in order to create a new one. The easiest way to explain how to count down the treasuries is by using photos, so please refer to these photos as our examples.

In the example, you can see that there are 419 treasuries. So, 419 minus 333 equals 86. Each page in the treasury lists 20 different treasuries, so we go to the 5th page and count down 6 treasuries – the 86th treasury is highlighted in yellow in the photo. You can see, in the example photos, there are 4 hours left until that 86th treasury expires. So, now you know how much time is left before the next treasury “opening.”

4. When it gets close, say when there are around 340 or so treasuries left, do not leave the treasury page! (You can have other tabs or browsers open, but leave the treasury page alone!) Treasuries can be deleted at any time and you might miss your opening. Do not, absolutely DO NOT, refresh the treasury page! That is possibly the most important part of all! THE TREASURY REFRESHES ON ITS OWN!

5. Almost magically, when the number of treasuries drops to 332, a box appears at the bottom of the page of the main treasury, (you will see it no matter which page of the treasury you are on). QUICKLY enter a name for your treasury and click “create.” You hopefully will be rewarded with an empty Treasury page to fill.

6. All you need to do to fill your treasury is copy and paste the item listings you want to use into the individual empty boxes. You can drag and drop the pictures to arrange your treasury to look the way you want it.

Read on to learn even more about treasuries, how they work, and how to make yours successful!

By Rachel of Ethereal Rhapsody and Brandy of WylesStyle

Curator: Like a museum display creator, in the Etsy circle, one curates a Treasury vs creates a Treasury though they mean the same thing.

What is a Treasury? Easiest way to explain it is if you will take a journey with me and open up in a separate window as you read this. The main body of home page of Etsy is an example of a Treasury. Did you know that if you create one, yours could be someday, sometime be on the front page of Etsy? Wow! Think of the possibilities. Ok, so if you will look at the top right, you will see “Picked by _____”. That person picked all the items of that Treasury. Think of a Treasury as a large version of an Etsy mini…pictures link to specific listings on Etsy. Each Treasury has a life of 2-3 days - that time is set by Etsy automatically, and of course you hope yours is given the longest life possible. After the time expires, the Treasury is gone forever unless you have a screenshot of it.

Where are all the Treasuries of Etsy? From the home page, click on the “Treasury” tab on the left under “Colors”. You will immediately be able to see how many Treasuries there are. Usually this number is in the 4-500s. You have several options to arrange the Treasury. By how popular it is, by its curator, by its Title alphabetically (this is useful to find an EtsyMom Treasury), by its Expiration date. You do this by clicking on the links at the top “Hot”, “Expiration” etc. Clicking on the triangle that appears next to the link will let you reverse the order and toggle between oldest to newest for example and newest to oldest.

Stars: If there is a gold star next to the treasury name on the list in the Main treasury, it means an item from your store is featured in that treasury. If there is a silver star, it means that your item is a reserve in the Treasury. When you curate a treasury, you’ll see a blue star.

Clicks and Comments: When you visit an active Treasury, you will be able to see the number of times folks have clicked on each item on the treasury (a tiny number at the top right of each picture). Each person can click 12 times (you can click more than 12 times, but only 12 clicks will “count.”). The more clicks a treasury has, the “hotter” it becomes, which therefore increases the chances to make it to the home page of Etsy! Think of the power of EtsyMom if harnessed. We can all help each other and return the favor. There is also a limited ability to enter a comment at the bottom of the treasury. By doing so, it provides a link to your store, a benefit to you and also another way to increase popularity of the treasury.

Poster Sketch: There is a tool called Poster Sketch that is invaluable in creating a treasury. You will want to bookmark this for sure. It looks like very close to an empty Treasury. It’s very useful because you’ve already seen the madness in trying to get a Treasury and if you want to create a really nice one that is worthy of the front page and even create an EtsyMom Team one, you’ll probably want to have this tool filled out beforehand vs spending a bunch of time to select and arrange items on your treasury while the time of your Treasury is counting down.

Filling your Treasury once you have “snagged” it: Basically all you do is enter each listing ID into a box. You can drag and drop the boxes to rearrange the treasury or poster sketch to look the way you want. (Listing ID is the number at the very end of the web address of the listing.) Please be aware that common etiquette is to feature others and not your own store. I have seen curators comfortable get away with listing one of their items but I would strongly advise you not to fill a treasury with listings from your store as it will be flagged to Etsy Admin and is a big no-no.

On Poster Sketch and the Treasury, the last column on the right is used for “Reserve” purposes. As you can see all the active Treasuries are 3 across and 4 down while your empty Treasury and Poster sketch are 4 across and 4 down. Think of the last column of 4 on the far right as the Reserve.

Ok so you are all set to go. Here are some additional thoughts and good-to-knows.

If I made no sense at all, just laugh at me, don’t give up, try some of these how-to links. EtsyWiki Treasury. Sweetestpea created a very detailed and comprehensive how-to that includes screen-shots. I found this invaluable when I made my first attempt long ago. Big kudos to her!

The most popular treasuries seem to be the ones with great pictures, and color combinations. For eg: striking two color combination like all the items being hot pink or black or both in the Treasury, or mint and black, items of the same color…you get the idea. A good tool to use would be the color tool that is above the treasury link to search for items by color. We are attempting to make EtsyMom treasuries so the task might be more challenging, though we have such a big member base it should be relatively easy to come up with many lovely EtsyMom Team treasuries.


Etsymoms welcomed Fall with a Holiday Cheer Trunk Show (virtual of course) hosted in the Etsy Virtual Lab, on Thursday Sept. 4th. Brandy of WylesStyle and Cinnamonspice of Cinnamon and Spice Crafts co-hosted this first-time ever event which showcased the beautiful handcrafted artistry of this dedicated group of moms in business. Each EtsyMom participant displayed images of their work, shared about themselves, their creative process and answered questions from an engaged and excited audience. At one point during the show we had over 100 attendees. There was much to cheer about as we gave away these four beautiful items:
Carnaby Street Baby Set by BoodyBabies; Portable Pocket by Wyles Style; A mini album by Scrapadot; and Bath Salts by Elizabear; to lucky winners who paid close attention to the presentations and were able to answer questions like: "Who gave Boody Babies the inspiration to maker her aprons?"

Many, many thanks goes out to Happy House Quilts for informing us of the opportunity, JaimeSews for spearheading this effort, Boodybabies for creating an avatar and button to advertise the event and a whole host of others for their excitement and creative input. So much behind the scenes work took place in a very short period of time and the level of commitment and teamwork was stellar! The following shops did a fabulous job of presenting:

cinnamonspice for HHQ, rikrak, craftyjuicebroker, naturallyfelt, elizabear, tscrapper, scrapadot, oursideofthemountain, sararosetutus, Boodybabies, mitches21, VeryPrettyThings, timeandsand, miaetgigi, TheCrocodileRock, luluvillage, mamamsclothesline, and HazelHoney.

If you missed out on participating or shopping with us, look for details soon to come on our EtsyMom Super Giveaway in November!


I recently came across Cutesie Clips while browsing through the Etsymom team members. She also has a 2nd shop KeepNTouch, where she “makes unique ways to keep in touch with your loved ones!” Not only are her designs fresh but her life and situation is one that I think a lot of moms can relate to. Here is a little about Jennifer, her family and her craft in her own words:

“I first define myself as a wife and mother of 2 wonderful children. My husband is a Major in the US Air Force and often serves our country overseas. I have a son in first grade and my daughter is 3. My motto for life is “observe yourself living”, it reminds me to analyze my life and see if I’m measuring up to my own standards. I love to create! I honestly feel that a day is not complete unless I’ve created something. Although I sell hair clips online I also enjoy making clothes for my kids, decorating my home, scrapbooking, card making, candle making and on and on and on! I am currently working toward my BA in Community Health Education, only 3 classes left. I teach Sunday School at my church for the little 5 year olds. We are currently stationed in Georgia, only 2 hours away from my home town which has been such a blessing. The most important thing to me is family, I don’t love the laundry, dishes and dusting, but I do love serving my family.

“Cutesie Clips was born out of a love for cuteness! My daughter, Alana, was and is my constant inspiration. I love dressing her up in cute clothes and I could never find just the right hair clip to match. The cherry on the sundae! I discovered Etsy when my sister ( Georgia Mama) told me about this cool new website she had discovered. I was so happy to find a home, a place to sell my little creations. I enjoy every part of selling on Etsy, creating new clips, marketing them, selling them and of course “making the world cute one clip at a time”. I also enjoy all the friends I have made in the short 6 months I have been here, I have found some of the most selfless, caring people on Etsy and I am proud to be a part of this wonderful place. My favorite clips are the animals, even though they are the hardest to make and most time-consuming they just make me smile! I also love a challenge, I recently had someone ask me to make them a chocolate chip cookie and it’s now one of my favorites. I am always on the look out for ideas. I also find inspiration in nature.”

I also asked Jennifer to tell me if and how she utilizes the Treasuries in her business, since we are focusing on Treasuries this month. This is what she had to say: “I will occasionally look at them if a friend has made one. I would love to make more if they were easier to get, I think it's a fun way to help promote each other and the cool things we find. I just haven't had good luck with being on the computer when they come available.”

Thanks so much to Jennifer for sharing with us and maybe we can all get some tips from her and other Etsymom team members on how to promote each other more with Treasuries and other ways as well.


The Spotlight Section is designated for any and all EtsyMoms that have been featured during the month. The feature could be anywhere, whether it is another Etsymom’s blog, or any blog for that matter, a local news paper, etc.

Getting a Treasury can be hard thing to do, so congrats to these moms who were lucky enough to be featured in an Etsy Treasury. (Since the treasuries expire, there’s no link to them, so please check out their shops instead!)

The Little Love Bug
Happy At Home Handmade

Happyathomehandmade was a blog giveaway participant on BabyLyons Blog

LittleBugJewelry was featured on Craftgirlalli’s blog

Tscrapper was featured on this blog.

**We Are EtsyMoms Supporting EtsyMoms**

Also, make sure you check out the EtsyMom Weekly promo threads in the Etsy Forums. Many EtsyMoms are featured in these threads every week! There is a new thread posted every Wednesday. Everyone is encouraged to participate in promoting! So please, feel free to stop by, promote a little bit and chit chat with the other moms and get to know everyone! Help us help each other!
Week of August 7
Week of August 13
Week of August 27

The above mentioned EtsyMoms were featured somewhere during the month of August. For next month’s Spotlight Section, please contact Allison at or look for the thread in the Etsymoms Promotions section.

By Sarah of Scrapadot

Happy Birthday EtsyMoms!!
3rd: The Bead Girl
5th: Simply Silly
15th: Scrapadot
16th: Lucky12324
17th: Mural Devotee
22nd: BeadedSocks / DaisyDesigns
All Grown Up
24th: Auryn Design
27th: Lillifee Boutique
Queen Mum
29th: Chicy Creations
30th: Cindy Joy

By Sarah of Scrapadot
Welcome all 96 New EtsyMoms who joined our team in August: