Monday, August 6, 2007

Etsymom epitomizes working with your children around you

Like most of us, Vicki has her daughter nearby when she's working. Her reasons may be a little different than for some of us! Vicki has a special section in her shop for her daughter. It's called Lauren's Corner! This is not only one talented Etsymom, but a talented daughter by her side. How fun!

Pictured is my daughter wearing her hair bling from Lauren! It really is cute, and we just love it

Thanks for showing us that doing our "work" doesn't always mean we aren't with our children. I know I'll get the guilts sometimes, but I do try and keep my kids around me. None of mine are old enough to work with me yet, but they do learn that work, creating, playing and having fun can go hand in hand.

I only hope one day my children (whichever ones want to) will take an interest in some of the things I do, and we'll be working side by side ;)

Vicki is a wonderful designer who has her jewelry carried in online boutiques as well as brick and mortar stores. She is so talented, and I always enjoy seeing what she comes up with next. Get your "hair bling" soon...before I snatch them all up!