Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Works for Me!

Have you girls ever heard of the Flylady? Well my mom swears by her!
She has this whole system of how to keep your house clean. She starts you off with small steps so you don't get overwhelmed but once you get the hang of the system it really works.

My favorite concept of hers is to always keep your kitchen sink sparklin'. She says that no matter how filthy the rest of your house is, if the kitchen sink sparkles you will feel better.

That is so true! I have adopted that philosophy since the day I got married, 3 short years ago and I swear it has stopped fights! Whenever it feels like he and I are about to get into it, I get up and do the dishes. It always makes me feel better.And I never leave dirty dishes in the sink at night. Dirty dishes are just not the right way to start the morning off. It only takes maybe 15 minutes to do em'. So why not?

Do you girls have any fun housekeeping tips to share? Anyone who leaves a comment on how to make housekeeping a little more fun will be entered into a drawing for a free something cute from M Original Designs. Let the good times roll!