Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Favorite Etsy

Punk Princess Dress
by Rockerchic

Why she loves this dress:

It is well off the beaten path. It's a very simple design that doesn't take away from your child's face or hair. And it has a very rock'n'roll or medieval feel to it. Plain and simple, I just like it because it's different!! You'll not see one hanging on the rack in some old stuffy dept. store.

Why I love this dress:

I abhor "traditional" baby gear. You will never see my little girl in Pooh (I have a serious hatred of Pooh... yes even classic Pooh). This dress is so anti-Pooh. This little girl looks like a rocker! I love it!

If you come across an Etsymom piece you would like to see featured here please contact me!