Monday, September 19, 2011

Time's Up!

Time's up! Friday was the deadline to enter your shop into the EtsyMom Fall event - The Color Palette Challenge. 

So participating shops...listen up, because here's the recap on what you need to do!
  1. You've got until October 5th to make items that will go into your shop using one of the color palettes shown in the event kickoff post. Click here if you need to see them again. You can enter two items into the challenge.
  2. Once your items are made & photographed, you're going to list them in your shop as a DRAFT listing. Be sure your first photo rocks since that's what people are going to see in the treasuries.
  3. You'll then make your listings live on October 5th!!! Remember to tag your listing with"EMCPC" in order for your entries to count!
That's it! Simple! Your job is done! Well almost...there's that promoting thing.

Remember that there will be a first, second, & third place winner chosen from all of the entries. Winners are chosen based on how many votes their listing receives so it's your job to hype this event up to all of your fans & followers. You want them to come & vote for you right??

Well, yes...sort of. We want them to come & vote based on the items. This isn't a popularity contest so please, when your asking people to come vote, don't ask them to specifically come & vote for your item...ask them to come & vote in the challenge you're participating in. Let's work hard on making our products great for the event. May the best woman win!

So here's the FINAL list of participating shops that have signed up for the event. 47 in all! Way to go!

Tamsy Trends
Rae Studios
Fahionably Me Bowtique
mimmi For Girls
My Artsy Baby
Modern Typography
Twirl Away
Custom Memory Books
Little Tadpole Designs
Stitchin' Netka
Petite Tuques
The Scarlet Scintilla
2 Sprouts Stitchery
Creative Art by Me
Siklo's Photo
Little Sugar Tops
Little Pearl Quilts
This-N-That Handmade Accessories
Cinnamon Spice Papercrafts
The Handprint Lady
For My Sweet Daughter
Sokava Designs
Baby Swank
Cobbled Stone
My Lovebug Baby
SugarLabs E-Boutique
My Pretty Skincare
Christie Creations
New England Quilter
Bison Girl
Handmade Whimzy
Altered by Jenn
Handmaiden Canada
Happy Tree Press
MegOri Girls Boutique
Leah's Little Bowtique
Bumble Britches Boutique
Favor Creative
Erika K Designs
Adrian's Closet
Rosewill Arts
Butterfly Genes
A La Apron

Next up, let me go ahead & thank all the shops that volunteered to sponsor this event! 20 total! Woo-hoo! You all are SOOOO generous! There's a ton of sweet stuff here for the winners of this event to choose from! So below are the listings from the sponsor shops that the winners will have their choice of. 

Rhoda Design Studio - your choice: Original Clip Art
Loud Waterfall Photography - your choice: Any Item
Cobbled Stone - your choice: Gemstone Earrings
SugarLabs E-Boutique - your choice: Any Item
My Pretty Skincare - your choice: Any Item
Bison Girl - your choice: Bison Booties
One Fine Day Courture - your choice: Any Item
Leah's Little Bowtique - your choice: Fall Accessory

Sketchbook Floral Wristlet

Wall Art - Song Bird (tan, p...

Fondant Pumpkin Cupcake Topp...

Green and Pink Floral Twirl ...

HALLOWEEN Decor Party-Wood B...

Lime Slice - Elegant Crochet...

Baby Bib Cupcakes-12 items G...

Owl nursery canvas 11x14 Mad...

Crochet Boho Headband / Head...

Eco-Friendy Herbs in a Box J...

Dinosaur Cocoa butter Soap P...

Mini Bath Bombs - Bath Fizzi...

Looks good, eh?? Are you ready? Are you excited? Alright, get to creating & promoting & good luck everyone!

Any questions? Leave them in the comments below or on the team FB page & we'll get them answered!