Monday, September 26, 2011

How Is It Coming Along?

You've got a little over a week left to finish your products up for the Color Palette Challenge! How's it going?

I'm sure by now you've settled in on a color your supplies...& figured out your designs. All that's left is to make your products & take some fabulous photos of them!

Below are some helpful links if you need some photography tips! Remember, this is what catches peoples attention so you want your photos to SHINE!

Handmadeology Photography Tips Photography Tips
Digital Photography School
Etsy Success Photography

Have you already started on your projects or are you finished yet?? 

Care to post some teaser photos on the EtsyMom Team Facebook Page.

Now don't give away what the item is! We're just looking for works in progress...fabrics...of course colors...& some sneaky, intriguing photos to get everyone hyped up. Make sure you post your photos to your own FB page & your blog too!

Last but not least...start preparing your FB posts, tweets, blog posts, & newsletters to let your fans, followers, customers & family know that you're participating in this event. Invite them to come to the blog during October 10-14 to vote on their favorite item!

Keep crafting & good luck!