Monday, July 18, 2011

Marvelous Mom - Anna Virginia Fashioneering

Tell us about yourself

I've been married 3.5 years and am the mom of a 19 month-old girl and 4 month-old boy. I've always loved to dream up ideas and then create those things.

What makes you unique?

Both my grandmas loved to sew and crochet, but I'm the only grandchild on either side that really does it anymore. And I'm definitely the only one who sells what I make! I like to think that I'm carrying on their legacy.

What do you love about kids?

It's incredible to watch them learn and grow and love. It helps me to learn and grow and love as well.

What are you currently doing besides your shop crafts?

I coordinate monthly activities for the ladies in my neighborhood, I run websites/blogs, I care for my two babies and husband and I try to keep up with everything!

What is the link to your etsy shop?

What do you offer in your etsy shop?

Fashionable hair accessories and hats for women/teens; sweaters, shoes, hats and hair accessories for baby girls; vests, shoes and hats for baby boys; and my own crochet patterns.

Where do you create?

In my living room and kitchen.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My babies are a huge inspiration. I also like to find inspiration in current fashion styles as well as classic, long-lived trends.

How did you get started in your current line of business?

I've been sewing and crocheting to make things that I want since I was a little girl. If I see something in the store and think "I can make that," then I usually do.

How do you promote your business?

Facebook, website, blog, and now twitter:

What is one of the most important lessons you've learned since starting your business?

Networking is a great way to get more traffic to your site. Networking can be done in person (like through neighbors, family members) or online (like Facebook, Blogs, etc).

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Buy something from another shop before you sell. This lets you be on the customer’s side, and will make you a better shop owner with that awareness.

What are some of your favorite online shops, both etsy and non-etsy?