Monday, February 21, 2011

Marvelous Mom!

Come, join us and get to know Meg of Beachside Treasures.

Tell us about yourself

My name is Meg and I'm a stay at home mom of an adorably mischievous 3year old named Connor Maddox.  I have a wonderful husband who owns his own business as well and supports me fully with my little business venture.  I'm also a huge Florida Gator fan, Disney freak, and a Halloween junkie (where most people's attics are stuffed with Christmas decorations, mine are scares my husband a bit).

What makes you unique?

I don't really know how unique I am.  I do have a sick sense of humor, am not really girly girl, and don't wear jewelry...which I guess makes me unique since how many jewelers don't wear jewelry! Let me rephrase, I never wore jewelry or bought jewelry until now.  Now I wear it to try to showcase my pieces, since the best way to sell your product is to put it out there in the real world.

What do you love about kids?
Before I was a SAHM, I worked with kids, and also with adults.  I preferred working with kids b/c at least they had an excuse for their tantrums and behaviors.  What I love most about my son is his sense of humor.  He has had a huge (evil) grin on his face since the day he was born.  Add to this his impeccable timing, grasp of sarcasm, and big brown eyes (which allow him to get away with things), I get to spend most of my days in hysterics.

What are you currently doing besides your shop crafts?
Other than my jewelry, I am a huge crafter.  I actually started my business venture selling pre-made scrapbooks, scrap booking items, scrapbook boxes and other crafty things.  Then I found I had some skills making jewelry (or so I've been told) and started a new business, butI still love creating my scrapbooks for my own enjoyment!  I also love baking, and the past year have gotten sucked into the world of making over the top cakes and cupcakes (so far made Mickey mouse clubhouse cake, toy story bed cake, a guitar cake, a tie dyed cake, and cheeseburger cupcakes).

What is the link to your etsy shop?
I also started a mommy based blog where I post recipes, funny stories, family crafts, giveaways, etc.

What do you offer in your etsy shop?
Handmade beaded jewelry using swarovski and Czech glass crystals, semi precious gemstones, glass beads, and a variety of metals.

Where do you create?
Since we've been trying to sell our house for 2 years (trying to get closer to family and the beach) I have to keep the house ready to show at all times.  So everything is in containers in my garage, and whenever I need to create, I have to lug it all in, spread it out wherever I can, and put it all back at the end of the night.  I so can't wait to move and have a dedicated space again!

Where do you find your inspiration?
I grew up with a mother who was constantly crafting. She used to make all sorts of things including beaded flowers, and I would help.  Now she is constantly helping me by finding new stones, giving her opinions on whether a design works, and mostly that all important emotional support.

How did you get started in your current line of business?
I started my jewelry enterprise when I was helping my mom make some badge holders for her coworkers.  Once I learned how to close a piece, I started trying designing things myself and it just took off.

How do you promote your business?
I have my own website outside of Etsy, I do a bunch of craft shows, have become an active member in some Etsy teams, and also constantly am posting things on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr (although I'm still working on figuring the last two out).

What is one of the most important lessons you've learned since starting your business?
The importance of networking is something I wish I knew about a couple years ago.  Meeting other crafters at shows and online has given me a wealth of knowledge, and I am so very thankful for everything they have shared.  I have learned all sorts of great tips on making my shop look better, what suppliers are good, etc.  Plus, I have made so many new friends in such a short period of time!
What advice would you give someone just starting out?
Get to know your fellow crafters.  Surprisingly, most will share all sorts of secrets and will help you out.  Also, take a little time to learn some photo tricks.  It's amazing the difference in my photos from when I started till now, and I'm still learning and improving them.  And as we all know, photos are your first impression, therefore extremely important!

What are some of your favorite online shops, both etsy and non-etsy?
On Etsy, I love the Bitsy Beau and Up On The Roof Farm.  Off, I found this amazing little company on Facebook called Spirited Sweets that makes cakes in canning jars. Too cool!  I also love Disney Family...I got a great app for my iPad that gives me tons of crafts to do with my son.