Monday, August 16, 2010

Marvelous Mom Monday - Anna - AnnaVirginia Fashioneering

It takes a woman dedicated to making her dreams and goals come true to work full-time (inside or outside the home) and also get an independently-owned business up and running! Let's find out how this week's Marvelous Mom, Anna, of AnnaVirginia Fashioneering ( puts her amazing creativity to use!

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Anna; a mom, wife, and designer. I love to create, whether it’s by making a clothing item, by helping flowers to grow in my garden, or even by making my home feel more comfortable. I’ve even expanded my creating-abilities to making my own websites! I also love to take photos, dress my baby in cute clothes, and go for walks.

What makes you unique as a woman?

I like to be different, but not in a way that other people are different. I try to find clothing that is flattering but not revealing. I make it a point to know trends and yet I don’t follow what I don’t like.

What do you love about Kids?

Kids are so much fun! I loved babysitting when I was younger because children are so eye-opening. We can learn many great principles from the learning experiences and attitudes of children. When you step back and see life with more understanding because of those children, you really love them!

What are you currently doing besides your creative craft?

I’m a stay-at-home-mom who takes care of my family. My husband has one year left of school and so I’m cheering him on. My baby is almost nine months old and has begun crawling – she really keeps me on the move!

Anna's Family

What is the address for your Etsy shop?

What do you offer in your Etsy shop?

I want to offer items for the entire family. I still need to add some men’s/dad’s items, but so far I’ve got:
Women: skirts, sweaters, hair accessories, and hats
Baby Girl: sweaters, shoes, hats, and hair accessories
Baby Boy: vests, shoes and hats
and Crochet Patterns!Where do you create?
In my home! It’s smoke-free and pet-free!

Where do you find your inspiration?

Depends on what I’m making – for women’s clothing, I usually find features that I like from several high-end items and then I take those elements and add my own style.
For my baby items, I’m inspired by my own sweet daughter and my nephew.

How did you get started in your line of business?

It’s all because I see things at the store that I like, but I don’t want to pay their price, or, I see something and think: I can make this! I don’t often buy things that I can make on my own! I’ve got a bachelor degree in clothing design, so I’ve got training and experience that opens so many possibilities.

How do you promote your business?

I’m in several Etsy groups, I’ve got a page on Facebook and I’ve been trying to master SEO for my items so that people can find them! I’ve also done a few giveaways, but I’m not sure those have helped much.

What is one of your most important lessons you've learned since starting your business?

Networking through social groups, family and other sellers is a huge and inexpensive help for business. There are a lot of free or affordable resources to help spread the word about your great items!

What advice would you give someone just starting out?

Buy something from someone on Etsy before you set up your shop. This helps you know what you like about their service, packaging, photographing, etc. If you’re a buyer, you’ll be a better seller because you’ll know what it’s like to be on the other side. Plus, if it all goes well you can start off a shop with positive ratings! (I think it’s better than having no ratings. Being a good buyer hints at being a good seller!)

What are some of your favorite online shops on and off Etsy?

Time Captured
Lil Princess Bow
Pink Elephant Shop
Stones of Healing
KSL Classifieds
Walker's Bride's Emporium

What are your other sites?

Be sure to visit Anna's Etsy shop and leave a comment letting her know how much you enjoy her work!