Monday, August 2, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Meet Your EtsyMom Admin

Happy Monday all!!! We would like to welcome all of our new members! As most of you know, the EtsyMom Street Team is dedicated to promoting women artists and crafters who also share the joy of being mothers. Some of our members work from home, some work from other places, but we all share a love of creating beautiful, useful, artful things.

Jodi Doody, of HappyHouseQuilts and creator of the team, always said she wanted the team to be a "soft place to land for moms!" She understood that "life" happens and that members may need time away. At the same time, the team grows daily! With such a large membership, who provides continuity and keeps everything running smoothly? Let's go behind the scenes of the EtsyMom team to meet some of our administrators, the awesome women who support us all!

Name: Alice
Shopname: Lilprincessbow (
Responsibilities: Welcome Committee Co-Head

Why I joined Etsymom: I wanted to join a team with a common goal and background. I have met many great Etsy shop owners on EtsyMom who share similar challenges and needed similar support as me. It is a great team to be in.

What I like about selling on Etsy: It is a fun community with many creative people. I love selling and shopping on Etsy.

Name: Stacey
Shopname: Daisy Designs Shop (
Responsibilities: My responsibilities have been setting up the new forum, editing or changing preferences on all forums, fixing background issues on the blog, graphics editor for EtsyMom and membership.

Why I joined EtsyMom I joined EtsyMoms to be a part of a group that would give me support and help on improving my shop. A group that would understand being a Mom with kids and a business at home. Moms who celebrate the same achievements and learn to deal with the same struggles.

Name: Missie
Shopname: Sykin's One Stop Twilight Shop ( & Sykin's NW Wonders (
Responsibilities: Co-Leader, Newsletter Committee Co-Head, Social Networking Committee Co-Head

Why I joined EtsyMom I wanted to find a team where I'd fit in the best. I don't consider myself hugely talented in crafts, so I wanted to find people I could share something with - and being a mom is just one of those things :)

What I like about selling on Etsy: Everyone is so nice on etsy! They're willing to share selling tips, techniques, suppliers, and gossip. It's like the red hat club almost!

Name: Jennifer
Shopname: lavenderave (
Responsibilities: Co-Leader, Etsy Mom Curator Award (EMCA) and Gift Guide Committee

Why I joined Etsymom: I wanted to meet other Moms who were working to build a business, balancing home and family with work - looking for support. It is a fantastic group of women.

What I like about selling on Etsy: Etsy is a great place to find unique and amazing things, so fun to shop. I like selling on Etsy because it's very flexible, great for a busy mom. Also, the customers tend to appreciate the value of handmade items.

Name: Kimberly
Shopname: CinnamonSpice Papercrafts (
Responsibilities: Special Events Committee Co-Head

Why I joined Etsymom:
I wanted to be a part of this team because I love that we are all artisan mommies...I instantly felt a bond with the other members. I just knew that being on this team represented a commitment to our work because we're willing to sacrifice time with our families to make our dreams come true!

What I like about selling on Etsy:
I was first attracted to Etsy because of the artisan look and feel of the site. Once I joined, I was amazed at the support available from Etsy staff and sellers. I truly feel like I'm in business for myself but not by myself and no matter what type of issues arise, I know there is an outlet for me to get answers. I also love being able to give back and share my experiences and what I've learned from being a shopowner.

Name: Meg
Shopname: Beachside Treasures (
Responsibilities: EMCA Committee

Why I joined Etsymom: I joined EtsyMom because I thought it would be a great way to meet other moms all over the world who have a passion for crafting just like me. It's wonderful to have a network like this to help give each other support and encouragement, especially while trying to juggle a household, family, jobs, and our shops. Nowhere else have I found a group full of such amazing women who know exactly what I'm going thru all the time!

What I like about selling on Etsy: I love that I'm surrounded by other artists and draftees, and that people buying from Etsy appreciate handmade from the heart items rather than just some trinkets bought at some big box store. Plus, how else are you going to meet so many other artisans in one place, all full of unique and creative ideas to help you succeed and willing to share?

Name: Anastasia
Shopname: L'Accent Nou ( )
Responsibilities: Etsy Mom Curator Award (EMCA) and Gift Guide Committee

Why I joined Etsymom: It is a great opportunity to meet crafty moms all over the world and share our experience.

What I like about selling on Etsy: Etsy is a great place to expose your work, to meet people, to discover anything new everyday. But the best thing Etsy has is the community. This is not only a market place, here you make connections, make friends, have a lot of fun.

Name: Heather
Shopname: All You Need Designs (
Responsibilities: Newsletter Committee Co-Head and Welcome Committee Co-Head

Why I joined Etsymom: I wanted to be part of a group that could understand the challenges we face not only as creators and business owners, but also as mothers. This has been a great group to be a part of - supportive, friendly and fun! I love being part of the team and getting to know everyone. I've found some great shops this way - and I am so happy that we can support each other with advice and sales! I'd rather buy from another Etsymom than just any shop.

What I like about selling on Etsy: It's such a great forum for getting your creativity out there - the people who come to Etsy are looking for unique, handmade items and that's what we all have to offer! It's such a thrill for me that I've been able to share my creativity through Etsy!

Name: Tammy
Shopname: HotLavaClothing (
Responsibilities: Welcome Committee Co-Head

Why I joined Etsymom: As a mom of 5 (yes five), joining the Etsymom Team was a “no brainer”. I deeply admire our team & how we help each other learn, navigate Etsy, & the personal camaraderie and support within the team is amazing. The team not only offers support to each other but inspiration :)

What I like about selling on Etsy: I truly enjoy the interaction with customers and being able to add the personal touch. I love custom orders and creating something that the customer has envisioned. Aside from selling, I’ve met some truly wonderful sellers on Etsy.

Name: Shannon
Shopname: I Heart Quotes (
Responsibilities: Welcome Committee Co-Head

Why I joined Etsymom: Being new to the Etsy world, I really wanted to find a team that would offer support, and advice, as well as provide a place to meet other moms who wear many hats throughout the day. Having a dynamic support team is so important for success and networking. I feel like I have already met so many great ladies!

What I like about selling on Etsy: I love selling on Etsy! Every person that I have either sold to or purchased from has been amazing! I love the thought that other people appreciate my handmade items. Being my own boss and having my own shop is truly a dream come true!

Name: Jessa
Shopname: Little Pearl Quilts (
Responsibilities: Special Events & Social Networking Co-Head

Why I joined Etsymom: I love having the opportunity to connect with other creative mamas, trying to balance babies and husbands and art and life. It's great having a place to chat, ask a stupid question, rant a little bit, or celebrate - with other girls who really get it.

What I like about selling on Etsy: There's no way that selling in a bricks & mortar store could work with my current "real" life - Etsy is an amazing (and flexible!) marketplace for a busy mama. And I think the worldwide aspect of Etsy is awesome - I love knowing that little ones all over are snuggling with my toys and quilts - it's such a great feeling!

Name: Anna
Shopname: Shop Anna Virginia (
Responsibilities: Special Events/Social Networking Committee

Why I joined Etsymom: I wanted to network, socialize and find friends across the world who are like me: a mom selling stuff on Etsy

What I like about selling on Etsy: Flexible hours! I love that I can put as much time in it as I can give, and it's really dependent on me. And, if I can only work a few hours a day, my shop is still open 24/7. So nice. :)