Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Etsy Moms Gift Guide Sunny Edition

We celebrate Spring with our Gift Guide Sunny Edition!
#1  King of Kings original acrylic painting from NewCreatioNZ
#2 Lovely Ribbon baby girl hat from Shopannavirginia  
#3  Pretty Pretty Patches skirt from Twirlaway
#4 Custom Nightgown from Lavenderave
#5 Lace Laser Cut Earrings from NoniBam
#6 SUNFLOWERS - Set of 2 Flower Loop Hair Bow Clips from Lilprincessbow
#7 A Sunflower hair pin from Purpledayzeez
#8 Hula Girls Hawaiian Dress Top from HotLavaClothing 
#9 Bright Golden Yellow Sun Waldorf Playsilk from  Allthingsimple
#10 Yummmm! :P  Brown sugar pound cake from  Addybscakes
#11 Queenbee card from  Terrbear37
#12 Strawberrie Tangerine Tresor Posh Petti Tutu from StrawberrieRose
You can see our Gift Guide and in Treasure East as well! Chek it out!
Enjoy it!