Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Blooming is everywhere!


Spring definitively came to our gift guide with Sunny and Butterflies aditions. And now, enjoy our crafty mom's bloom creations!
1. Card Just because from Inglishrea
2. Aloha flower clip from BabyByBrooke
3. Handmade organza flower brooch by ChiChiChick
4. Girls pink cloche with flower from LillyBCrafts
5. Chef Apron from HandmadeWhimzy
6. Orange Gazania Flowers photography by NewCreationz
7. Sweetheart dress by PetitePeapods
8. Bolero Big Bib from TwoLoveBugs
9. Garden Flowers Bracelet by StonesOfHealing2
10. Blooming Family Necklace from WildMotherArts
11. Pink baby blanket bouquet by WhipplesWhimsy
12. Everlasting bloom Cup sleeve from WoollyBoo

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