Friday, April 23, 2010

Marvelous Mom Weekly - Maite - Tamsy Trends

This week's featured Etsymom is Maite from Tamsy Trends, your one-stop shop for uniquely handcrafted jewelry, accessories and d├ęcor. If you ever wonder what happens when you mix science with art, then Maite can certainly share it with you. Reading her profile on Etsy I found out that she is a technology consultant and a self-taught jewelry artist. The end results are beautiful jewelry and accessories. I am always impressed with the talents of our Etsymom! Let's get to know more about Maite below:

Estymom: Maite - Tamsy Trends (

A little background:

My name is Maite and I am a stay-at-home mom to two daughters – Idoia who is now 10 yrs old and Andion who is 8. My Etsy shop is Tamsy Trends I make handcrafted jewelry and beaded accessories for men and women, including bridal pieces, hairpins, keychains, purse charms, beaded napkin rings, bookmarks and rosaries.

How I started:

I have been crafting since I was very young. In my family, I was always known for giving my own handmade items as birthday gifts. I remember sewing clothes for my dolls and as I grew older, I also started sewing my own clothes. My journey with jewelry making started a few years ago when my kids started elementary school and I found myself finally having a little extra time on my hands. I already knew how to sew so I started sewing stuff for my house – curtains, table cloths and napkins etc. Then, on a trip to a craft store, I picked up a jewelry making book and starter kit and decided to try to learn how to make necklaces and bracelets. My thinking then was I would make a couple of pieces for myself and my kids and if my end products were good enough, I would give a couple to my relatives as Christmas gifts. Well, needless to say, I got completely hooked and I did not stop making jewelry since then.

What inspired me:

I would say that when I do my craft, I draw a lot of inspiration from the colors I see everyday, whether it be from a nice painting I saw or a certain window display, from the colors of buildings on the street or my kids’ drawings. When I create jewelry, I always try to make simple but elegant pieces. I go for versatility, rather than just following the latest trends and my goal is to create classic pieces that do not quickly go out of style.

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