Friday, March 12, 2010

Marvelous Mom Weekly - Hull's Happiest Days Designs

This week our Marvelous Mom, shawn, is here to make our happiest days extra special! Shawn's items are beautiful, unique and personalizable, which is perfect for many special occasions through out your lives. Let's meet our Marvelos Mom of the week:

Etsymom: Shawn, Hull's Happiest Days Designs (

The Store:

Hull’s Happiest Days Designs creates personalized dessertware (cake plates, dessert plates, and mugs) for life’s happy occasions, like weddings, new baby, new home, and holidays. We wanted to create something that acts as a touchstone for all the joys in life big and small. Plus built into our business plan is a way of giving back. Happiest Days Designs donates 3% of your purchase price to charities like Feeding America and Make a Wish Foundation. We think everyone deserves happy days!


The Creations:
I love our cake plates with glass domes, we have several different designs but my favorite is our apple tree fine. It’s an apple tree with a heart in the trunk, where we put the names of parents, and then apples falling from the tree with the children’s names in the apple. We have the same concept in a folk designs as well. It’s great for wedding anniversary, house warming, or even Mother’s Day presents.

Personalized Cake Plate with Glass Dome (

We also have a new bunny series. We originally imagined it for new baby, but I gave a set of dessert plates to my Stepmother this year for Christmas and each plate has a bunny on it with the name and birthdate of one of her grandchildren. She has six plates.  However, it’s also great design for Easter as well. I think Hoppy Easter would be cute on plate and maybe the name of the Family.

Something Extra:

Well, my training is in theatre. I have been an adjunct Professor for the past five years
and have worked as an actress, director, and theatre arts educator for about fifteen years.
I’ve been a closet outsider artist on and off for about ten years. My husband is a
Mathematician and a fine art painter. Somehow both sides of his brain works. Besides us
Partnering in Happiest Days Designs we have a gallery show opening up in Elkton, MD
In a few weeks called His and Hers. Our artistic styles are so drastically different, I guess
Opposites attract. We have two beautiful little girls who are sooooo dramatic and prolific
Artists my house is overflowing with art!

Upcoming Promotion:

Anyone who visits Hull’s Happiest Days Designs and makes a purchase as a result of
reading this feature can get a 15% discount, just write etsymom15 in the
comments section with your personalization.

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