Friday, March 26, 2010

Marvelous Mom Weekly - Anne - Felt It

As a mom I always think about our environment as it will impact the future of our children. So with great excitement I am introducing today's marvelous mom whose items are all made with Eco-Felt Fabrics. It helps too that her items are really really cute! As you can see below, she has a very busy craft show schedule too. If you are in the area, stop by the craft show listed below and say hi to her! You can also see her beautiful items in person too!

Etsymom: Anne, Felt It (

I am a SAHM of one 2-year-old daughter and an inner city high school teacher currently on child care leave.

I have always loved to make things, even as a small child. I have especially loved working with fibers and textiles.

For many years, cross-stitch was a pastime that I enjoyed. When I moved to NYC, my students learned how to crochet in an after school program and I became fascinated by the range of fibers that were available. I am just learning how to crochet now. At the time, I had chosen to take up knitting rather than crochet and was able to teach many of those same students the art of knitting.  That process took on an entirely new perspective when a couple of the students wished to learn how to sew. It renewed my passion for sewing that I had originally inherited from my mother, the quilter.

The tissue cozies began as graduation gifts for my students to take to college.  Something that I had handmade with a specific meaningful image for each student. The students and parents liked them so much that I was encouraged to extend the project.

So, here I am... experimenting, stitching, and creating new designs, structures, and crafts for myself, for my friends and family, and now for others through my etsy shop. Felt It items are all made from Eco-Felt Fabric. This felt fabric is made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles! Another score for the planet!
Woo hoo!

My favorite items in the shop currently are the pin cushions

( and eco felt balls

( My daughter loves
to play with them and so do I!

2010 Craft Show Appearances:

March 27: Crazy Crafty Cool - Congers, NY

April 17: Ossining Spring Fling - Ossining, NY

April 24: {NewNew} Spring Holiday Cavalcade in Berry Park

May 8: Crafts in Chelsea - NYC, NY

June 13: SOWA Boston

Anne Messley
Felt It
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