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Happy Easter Giveaway #9 - L'Accent Nou (Closed)

Easter is fast approaching and I want to squeeze one last giveaway in before it is here! Today's giveaway is from L'Accent Nou (, a beautiful store owned by Anastaisa! Her items are very unique and have been featured in many Etsy treasuries. After reading her story below you will know more about her and her work:

What’s your store name and how long have you been an Etsymom?

My shop name is L'Accent Nou, it means New Accent in Catalan language - native language of Majorcan people, Balearic Islands, Spain where I live.

I've been Etsymom for about 3-4 weeks.  And I have to say that I not only found a place where I can sell my work, I opened a window to a big bright world of creative people, and in this world I was so happy to find EtsyMoms team - warm and familiar relationship between people.

Tell us more about your store items and why you love making them?

In my store you can find one of a kind jewelry made mostly from cold porcelain clay (a kind of airdry polymer clay, rather sturdy material). I'm in constant search and experiment with unusual materials. I combine clay with copper wire, I like to include natural materials like seeds, branches, leaves, sand...Often my inspiration comes from the Nature.

I love plastic arts in general. And clay was my passion from very young age.

I remember when I was little girl I asked my parents to bring clay home, I had like an impulse to do something with clay....and now I think this impulse just came out.

Making pieces from clay is what I enjoy most. It is the moment to play and have fun. Creative moments are my favorite!

What is one thing you want everyone to know about you?

During long time I was asking myself - For what serves the art?

And than I understood that I don't need to look for explication, I need just do what my heart says. And than I saw that people began to enjoy just looking at my work, and it gives me a great satisfaction. I understood that art serves to make people smile, to feel better, to surprise and to discover different ways to be.

I try to enjoy everything I do. If I'm not in a good mood I leave the work, and continue in a better moment, I try to transmit positive energy to everything I do.

I'm perfectionist. Always there is a way to improve!

And I'm never bored. I don't have enough time to do everything I would.

Very important for me is to comunicate with people and with my customers and understand what they really want. Happy client is the best gratification for me.

I love Nature, I love to walk and observe trees, herbs, animals, stones...I try to use ecological materials and to be eco-friendly with my actions in general.

What’s your favorite thing to do during Easter?

Easter week is week-off at school, we can organize some travel with my husband and children! I love hiking and I love excursions to mountains or just go to the beach and stay by the sea.

How much Easter chocolate/candy bunny or eggs will you let your kid(s) eat?

My children receive one chocolate bunny for Easter from grandmother and it's rather big. I think It will be enough. My daughter she loves chocolate and my little son as well :)

Do you have a blog, facebook fanpage, twitter account or other store outside of Etsy?

Yes, I have my online - shop and photo gallery. There you can find ALL my creations, complete lines, examples of custom orders and just know a little bit more about me:


The winner of this giveaway will receive this beautiful "Easter Giveaway Earrings" - OOAK!

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