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Etsymom Giveaway #1 - Lavenderave (Closed)

Hi Etsymoms, I am so excited to start our series of Etsymom giveaways. The current theme of this giveaway is Valentine's Day and all of the giveaway items will have a Valentine's theme. So without further delay, here is our First Etsymom Valentins Giveaway (drum roll...) - Lavenderave

 Lavenderave is a store run by Jennifer and below is a little more information about Jennifer and her store:

What’s your store name and how long have you been an Etsymom?

My store is Lavender Avenue (lavenderave), and I have been on Etsy since November 2008. I joined Etsy moms in December 2009.

How did you get started as an artist?

When I was a little girl, I used to sit by my mom while she sewed. I would take her scraps and stitch them together to make funny clothes and blankets for my dolls. I put down my needle when I was about 12, and didn’t pick it up again until I was married and we bought our first home. Out of necessity really, we couldn’t afford to buy curtains. From there I branched out to making dresses and things for my niece, then my own children. I loved the feeling of confidence that came with each new item I created.

What sets you apart from other people making similar items?

I think that each thing we make has our own signature or style to it. The old fashioned nightgowns are my most unique offering. They came about as a result of a friend’s request for a “Little House on the Prairie” nightgown for her daughter. They are so cute, and so fun to make.

What’s your favorite valentine’s item in your store?

I really like the wool felt coasters. We use them all the time at home, and they work really well. I made the Valentine coasters for my sister’s birthday last year, and thought, why not put them in the shop? I am also quite taken with the red flannel Olivia fabric. It’s going to make a darling Valentine’s Day nightgown for some little girl.
Give us one tip on how you managed to create/sell/manage your store and at the same time be a busy mom?

I try to have my children involved in what I am doing as much as possible. One thing I have done is give them an embroidery hoop with burlap or other loosely woven fabric in it, and a large blunt needle with embroidery floss, and let them just sew. My five year old daughter loves it.

Jennifer is giving away her Hearts on My Table - Set of 6 Valentine Coasters. Here is how to enter to win:

Mandatory Entry - Visit Lavenderave and select one favorite item from the store, leave a comment with your email address.

1 Entries - Follow Etysmom Blog (current follower is also eligible), leave 1 comment with you user ID or name

1 Entries - Join Etysmom Email Group (current subscriber is also eligible), leave 1 comment with your user ID or name

1 Entries - Become an Etsymom Facebook Fan (current fan is also eligible), leave 1 comment with your user ID or name

5 Entries - Purchase any item from Lavenderave, leave 5 comments

2 Entries - Blog about this giveaway, leave 2 comments and the link to your blog post

1 Entry - Tweet about this giveaway, leave 1 comment each day you tweeted with the link to your tweet

Jennifer is willing to ship this winning item to anywhere (well, on earth :)) so anyone is welcome to enter!

That's at least 12 different ways to win. This giveaway will end on February 1st at 11:59pm PST.  Winner will be drawn by and announced on this blog as well as emailed.

Remember that each comment is considered to be one entry. So if you are following this blog already, simply say "follow this blog" and your name to get additional entry to this giveaway. Each entry is assigned a # and whichever # was drawn after the giveaway ended will be the winner.
Etsymoms, if you are interested to be the next Giveaway, please contact me (Alice) at for more information. Thank you and have fun!

The winner of this giveaway is Comment #40
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