Saturday, August 1, 2009

EtsyMom Team Check In

We are So Excited About the Upcoming Holiday Season! We at EtsyMom
are a Group of Strong, Wonderful Business Minded Mothers Who Work
Harder than anyone else!

We are EXCITED about Bringing all of our EtsyMOM Team Closer Together
so that at the End of a Hard Stressful Work Week you will have a Soft
Place to land to Discuss the Joy's, Accomplishments, Triumphs and yes
even Frustrations About Owning your own Business!

We hope that with over 2,000+ Members and Counting that you will Join
US in Reaching all of our Goals! How can you help you ask? By Joining Our New EtsyMom Email Group, By logging in and staying Active at Our Team board, By visiting EtsyMom Blog and
Congratulating featured sellers! We Would Love to Hear From all of you as We are
all Moms with the same Goal SALE! SALE! SALE!

We are REQUESTING that ALL Members Login to our GROUP Board and Post
to ACTIVATE your account

We Look forward in Getting to Know all of Our EtsyMoms!