Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Birthdays

1. WylesStyle 2. Flandersfield 3. Purplesmurple 4. Yellowfinchdesigns

Here are the Etsymoms celebrating their birthday this month (with me!). Stop by, check out their shops, and send birthday greetings!

4th: nightowlstudios, buzzylittlebeads, apricotsandlollipops, yellowfinchdesigns

6th: sewfunbymonique

7th: lilfancies

10th: BusyMomCreations, bfbeads, princessdoodlebeans

11th: craftyjuicebroker, purplesmurple

12th: creationsbycorina, nellys

13th: jezzabell13

16th: KLSreflections

17th: novelthreads

18th: OriginalsByLynnette

19th: Sugarplumdreams, flandersfield, Beautymark

20th: fringies

21st: littleladyboutique, divamommydesigns

22nd: SunshineMountain

23rd: bellaninas, craftyaddictions

24th: myboyscustomcards

26th: WylesStyle, Project31, handknithugs

27th: sweetdreamsboutique

28th: myjennybunny

29th: LaneesCrochet

30th: purseonalitybags