Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Monogramming By Tammy's Giveaway


Welcome to the 52nd giveaway in EtsyMom's month-long SUPER GIVEAWAY!

Monogramming By Tammy, a shop specializing in all things embroidered, is giving away this great made-to-order bag!

What a great bag to carry all those necessities for dance, cheerleading, soccer, etc. (We use this for my daughter's several different types of dance shoes. We leave it in the car, so we always know where it is.)

This bag come in black and measures 14x18. It is 100% nylon with soft waterproof coating, hemmed top with drawstring closure, bottom corner grommets for reinforcement, and can be carried or worn as a backpack.

We are happy for you to pick the embroidery of your choice. You pick the ballerina, cheerleader, or soccer player you prefer. We will make sure to personalize it by having you tell us the hair color, uniform color, and font of your choice. If you are the kind of customer who wants us to choose for you, we will be glad too. Whatever makes it easiest on you!!

This item can be shipped within the US. (Sponsor will ship internationally if winner pays shipping charges.)

To enter to win this great bag, all you need to do is visit Monogramming By Tammy's store, then come right back here and enter a somewhat detailed comment about the store.

Deadline for entering giveaway is 11:30pm today, Nov 26. Don't forget to leave your email address so we can contact you if you win! Please, original comments only. Duplicate and/or obscene comments will be deleted. For complete giveaway guidelines, please read the information at the very top of this page.