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June 2008 Issue 6

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Envision Invision
By Rachel of EtherealRhapsody

Have you checked out the InvisionFree board lately? For those of us who have not visited our Team message board in eons, bookmark this link for easy access in the future:

Only EtsyMom members have access to this board and it is a great way to find out about each other’s blogs, locations, and current team efforts to promote ourselves. Being an Etsy seller takes a bunch of time and being a mom gives you even less free time, so it’s understandable if you feel too overwhelmed to follow all the topics on the board. Take my challenge to follow just one section of the Invision Board. You’ll meet other EtsyMoms and be able to stay connected with a few members of the team.

In my observation of the board, less than 10% of us use it on a regular basis. EtsyMom as a team has such incredible potential as we have over 925 members and counting in every media possible. Can you imagine having over 900 Etsy sellers and buyers behind you? We already do, we just need to continue to harness this power.

So, ok, you say, what is going on that’s really worth a regular visit? Here are just a few examples:

1. Connecting our EtsyMom blogs. We input links on our blogs to take the reader directly to another EtsyMom Blog or store. Many of us offer to feature another EtsyMom’s store with pictures and links to your products, which is a good way to get your shop seen and known.

2. Efforts to do a business card exchange
3. Banding together with EtsyMom members in other online communities like Facebook, MyBoutiqueSpace, Indiepublic
4. Custom orders / promotions like our own Alchemy
5. Efforts to create a database of geographical locations and categories of products which will facilitate future craft shows and fairs
6. Tutorials for blogging, crafts etc.

Have something you want to run by the EtsyMom community? Need a hand with some collaboration you are hatching? Look no further than our InvisionBoard! Here’s to bigger and better opportunities as we continue to move forward as a formidable force in the Etsy community.

Website or Blog?
By Imogene of INoeDesign

When I started my small sewing business out of my home, I had no idea what I was in for. Now I find myself sewing half the time and the other half devoted to selling and administrative tasks. I needed a website to display all my work and information on my products and services. I also found the need to allow my clients to purchase over the internet.
My first step was to purchase a domain name. This can be done through a number of providers, but I chose because of their affordable offering, great service and ease of use. For less than $10 a month, I now have a domain name, website hosting and an email account. Like all things that seem too good to be true, I found that designing a website from the ground up proved more of a challenge than I wanted to take on. Sure, there are a number of free templates available to get started and the support staff at was exceptional, what I really needed was something that was easy to setup initially and even easier to update on an ongoing basis. Based on feedback from others, many of you are looking for the same criteria.
After discussing my predicament with my spouse, he suggested I start out with a blog to see if this technology met my needs. Blogs (short for web log) began their life as simple web sites that could be updated quickly and easily (even via email/text from your phone, if you prefer). This sounded perfect. After a bit of research, I headed over to to register my site. After registering, I learned more about the complementary services available. Because is now owned by Google, a number of free and easy to integrate tools were now available to me.
Setup was easy. Once deciding among a number of templates, I was able to customize the site for my needs. I updated the top of the page with my header logo and coordinated the left navigation bar with a brief bio, link to my ETSY store, and even a slideshow of some of my recent work. The slideshow was an easy addition with the use of Picasa Web Albums (
I could not be happier with my current set up. I have a blog to update with upcoming events and promotions. I love my ETSY store, who would have thought I would have found so many friends united by their crafts! Then I have my slide show to exhibit all of my work. I hope that you have found this information helpful and please feel free to email me with any other questions regarding this set up, Cheers!!

Featured EtsyMom: BFbeads
By Melynda of AngelHearts

My featured seller this month is Jen from San Jose, CA and her "little cottage business," BFbeads, featuring "Baby Friendly Beads" Jewelry for Breastfeeding & Beyond! I really enjoyed getting to know Jen. She has a unique product for nursing moms, plus she's full of advice and ideas for us all.

I asked Jen to tell us a bit about herself, her dreams, goals, and accomplishments. She starts out:

"I'm a stay at home mom to two fantastic kids -- 3 yr old boy, Benji, and 16 month old girl, Becca. Motherhood has definitely been the biggest challenge of my life so far. Also the biggest blessing. My husband, Scott and I recently celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary.

"Creativity is an integral part of who I am. Deep down, I'm a writer, but since becoming a mother it's been difficult to find the kind of uninterrupted time (and energy!) needed to give the muse her due. Most of my writing these days is blogging, at Mama's Magic. (

I've been a crafty person all my life, and I enjoy learning new things. I'm a self-taught jewelry designer, and beading works well for me right now because I can pick it up and put it down as needed. I've done a little knitting, made a few quilts, woven some baskets, and taken a millinery class. I've made a few mobiles (in fact, I was on the team that won second prize in Etsy's coproduction contest, for this mobile. -See photo at right- ) I have notions of opening up another Etsy shop someday, featuring some of my other handmade goods."

I asked Jen about her Etsy shop and why her products are unique:

"Breastfeeding jewelry comes in two types: nursing necklaces and reminder bracelets. Nursing necklaces are designed for mom to wear while baby is at the breast. I created my Baby Friendly Beads when my son started pulling my hair and plucking at my skin while nursing. They give busy babies a focal point, something to occupy their hands in a friendlier fashion than sticking fingers up mama's nose.

"I also make reminder bracelets, strung on memory wire. Easily switched from one wrist to the other, they track nursing sessions by reminding mom which breast was nursed on last (or needs to be nursed on next). All my Baby Friendly Beads are designed to be sturdy and beautiful. Another unique aspect to my jewelry is the custom birthstone design that I've created."

How did you find Etsy?

"I heard about it from some online crafter friends and joined in February of 2006, when Etsy was still in Beta, and only cost a dime to list an item."

Any advice for newbies?

"Find a niche, follow your heart, and make something you’d be proud to use or wear yourself. Also, network!!! Read the forums, join a street team, and take advantage of the great resources available through the Etsy community!"

How do you juggle your family life with your 'little cottage business' and do you ever feel a sense of guilt at all about maintaining your shop especially when the dishes or laundry is piling up?

"I've found the most happiness and personal satisfaction when I'm able to stop focusing so much on All The Things I Have To Get Done. In my business, and in my personal life, I keep my expectations reasonable and I prioritize. For example, I'm absolutely faithful about packaging up sales and sending them out quickly, but I don't always manage to list something new every day. And in my personal life, I've become much less concerned with housework. Does it really matter that my kitchen floor is a little sticky?"

Jen's final words of wisdom:

"It comes down to being kind to myself and my limitations. There's this pernicious idea about SuperMoms, and it can be really challenging to just say, Enough. It helps to remind myself that every moment with my children gives them vivid examples of how to live life. I want them to see me as a joyful person, one who has plenty of time for them. But at the same time, I don't want them to think that Mommy Has No Life, that being a good mom means sacrificing every moment to the family. It's a juggling act, and not always an easy one!"For many of us (I'm betting, for ALL of us Etsymoms) being creative is a great way to renew the energy stores. Etsy can be a wonderful source of support and validation for our creativity. After all, how many other venues allow total strangers to appreciate the things we make -- even to the point of paying us money!!!"

Thanks again to Jen, for sharing her life, insights and ideas with us! I hope you will be encouraged in so many ways from her story!

By Allison of CraftGirlAlli

The Spotlight Section is designated for any and all EtsyMoms that have been featured during the month. The feature could be anywhere, whether it is another Etsymom’s blog, or any blog for that matter, a local news paper, etc.

LuluVillage was featured on De Lavande. She partnered up with the blog owner to do a contest giveaway along with her blog being the feature of the week.

EtsyMom EtherrealRhapsody featured fellow EtsyMom BijouxDelloStregatto on her blog and also posted her Etsy Mini.

Priscilla from bijouxdellastregato does a new feature every week on another EtsyMom. She writes a short summary about the featured mom and her shop and posts their Etsy mini.
Her features this month have included: Blisshomegoods, Craftgirlalli, Happyathomehandmade, BabyLyons

Allison from CraftGirlAlli features an EtsyMom once or twice a week on her blog. She does a short interview to help us all get to know our fellow EtsyMoms a little bit better.
Her features this month have included: Nellys, Two Zany Zebras, Paula’s Petal Pastries, CT2Designs, BijouxDelloStragatto, EtherealRhapsody

Katie from BabyLyons does things a little differently on her blog. She features an EtsyMom every week by posting their Etsy Mini on her page. To check out her “EtsyMom of the Week” just go to her blog, scroll down a little bit and look on the right hand side. You will see the “EtsyMom of the Week” with the Etsy Mini posted with it. Since Katie posts their Etsy Minis, there is no link for each post, so instead I have listed each EtsyMoms shop for you to check out!
Her features this month have included: Tagology , HairbowDiva , Craftgirlalli , HappyAtHomeHandmade , CinnamonSpice , BijouxDelloStregatto , CT2Designs , MommyHolly

Jen of BFBeads also does a weekly feature on other EtsyMoms. In the month of May she featured these Etsymoms in her blog: NecklaceBoutique , Craftabulous , and MacaroniAndGlue
BFBeads was also featured in April (we missed this one in the last issue!) in Bay Area Mommy.

We Are EtsyMoms Supporting EtsyMoms! Also, make sure you check out the EtsyMom Weekly promo threads in the Etsy Forums. Many EtsyMoms are featured in these threads every week! There is a new thread posted every Wednesday. Everyone is encouraged to participate in promoting! Help us help each other!
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The above mentioned EtsyMoms were featured somewhere during the time frame of May 10th – June 10th. For next month’s Spotlight Section, please contact Allison at or look for this thread in the Etsymoms Promotions section.

June Birthdays
By Sarah of Scrapadot
Happy Birthday Moms!

4th: nightowlstudios
Welcome to all 94 new EtsyMoms who joined in May!