Sunday, February 17, 2008

Etsymom Auction Item from Happy House Quilts

Threadibilities Clip Kit ™ for kids -M2MG Spring Rainbow Collection

Happy House Quilts is pleased to present this Spring kit for all the folks out there looking to support moms. It was designed by a Master’s Level Art Therapist, keeping in mind your child’s developmental level and needs. These colors and flower shape (with the 5 petals) were chosen specifically to match Gymboree's Spring Rainbow collection, but they are classic colors and an iconic symbol that will never go out of style!

This kit includes basic sewing directions, as well as directions for you or your child to complete the clip, ***wool felt for the 3 flowers, 3 centers in wool felt, 3 colors of cotton floss, and bendy style snap clip barrettes to complete 3 clips (three 1 1/4 inch or 3 cm). ***This kit has the bonus paper clips in 2 sizes (2 inch and larger 3 1/2 inch). The kit encourages using additional items both found objects, as well as other craft supplies that you/they may already have on hand. Additional craft supplies are not needed to complete the project. Sewing needle and scissors to be provided by the creator.