Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meet PurpleHug!

Who are you?
Nadine, mom of 2 small children - self employed (realtor)

What is your Etsy Shop Name/link?
PurpleHug -- located at

What tag categories do you specialize in?
Jewelry, Magnets, Paper goods

Do you create for children or adults, women or men?
Yes, yes, yes, yes! My shop has a little bit of everything. Gore-tex lined bibs for the little ones and adults, jewelry for the women and I have a set of magnets with a golf theme that would be great for the man in your life!

What do you like about Etsy?
The sense of community, the way shop owners support each other.

What do you like about creating?
Being able to make anything - the sky is the limit.

What do you love about your business?
It's not 9-5 at the office (like I did for 12 years). I work it when I have time and can fit it in.

What is your favorite product right now?
Airplane puzzle magnets
When I made these, I did not intend for them to be a "puzzle". You make an airplane when you put 3 of the magnets together side-by-side!

What makes you unique at Etsy?
I believe my shop is the only one offering Custom sales receipt pads
I am having such fun making these for other shop owners. It's interesting to visit their shops and see what they have to offer.

What makes you unique as a woman?
I have many jobs - part-time office manager, realtor, church treasurer, virtual assistant (website work) and now an Etsy shop owner!

What do you love about Kids?
Their inability to willfully lie (my kids are still too young to have learned it yet). Their genuine unconditional love for me... I can always get a kiss and hug and it makes my day better!

What are some other sites to find out more about you and what you love to create? is my companion site -- listing more info about me and also offers customization options for my jewelry and bibs.