Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Etsymom Banners! and Promo opportunities

PlainJaneDesignz has generously created a banner for Etsymom, working with a huge committee and going through 4 or more designs. Visit her blog or Etsy shop and thank her!

The banner style looks like this

and the square style looks like this and is perfect for a sidebar image.

If you are an Etsymom Street Team member you can download these to your own computer from the Yahoogroups files, in the Etsymom blogring photos folder.
The idea behind using the banners on our own blogs or websites is to help promote each other. We want to send people to Etsy. Of course we want them to buy from our own shops, but when we don't have everything the buyer wants, then we want them to look for other Etsymoms first. Consider adding a note with your banner about using Etsymom in the search terms. For example, if someone searches for Etsymom Blacksmith, well they just might come up with me!
Please contact PlainJaneDesigns directly if you want to use the banner for anything other than on your own blog or Etsy store. As the artist, she still owns the copyright, so you can't make items to sell with the logo without her permission or use the logo in any other way without her permission.
Another Etsymom, Autumn Daisy, is creating a scrolling list of Etsymom stores that can be added to blogs or websites. You can see a sample of it at her own blog. If you want to be added email her directly with your exact Etsy shop url and the name of your Etsy shop. I won't post her email address here, to avoid extra spam. How do you email her? Well, please visit the exact message at the Etsymom Yahoogroup. It's at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Etsymom/message/1804
You will have to be logged in to yahoogroups in order to view it.
I almost forgot to mention Uniquecommodities who has created several cute Etsymom totes up for sale in her shop.
Go Team! Let's work together on promoting each other.