Sunday, May 27, 2007

Summary Post from Yahoo Group May 27

Summary Post (edited down version) May 27, 2007
See post #917 at yahoo group for full details

Please understand this group is run by voluntary action on the part of all the members here. We need your patience and understanding.

Etsy street team approved by Etsy week of May 23, 2007

The Blogring is active!!! JOIN now!!! Blog set up by knitsteel ...she does amazing stuff!!! Check out her shop!!!

Welcome to all new members!!! Tell all your friends and folks that you meet on the street...give a card and tell them to search (tag) “etsymom” first!!!

User name for inclusion on Etsy Street Team page to be forwarded to Jodi ***off yahoo*** I will be sending a completed list to Esty this week with the description and banner

Banner being worked on by PlainJaneDesigns…THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Blog to be home base for blogring (thank you knitsteel!!!)

ATTENTION EtsyMom on promote on left side at yahoo groups...copy and paste a code of your choice and promote this group at your blog!

Add tag "etsymom" to your listings see message # 878 for more info

Promote, promote, promote and tell everyone within the internet or in your community that etsymom is they way to search! Moms supporting Moms network!

Treasuries: if you are so inclined to do a treasury with the theme of Etsymom or any other theme, we all encourage you to search Etsymom for some (dare I say most?) of your choices?!?!?!?

Brainstorming 30-40 something shoppers and how to get them to come and shop at etsy as most etsy buyers are 20 whimzypinzy off line..she has a splinter group for you. Whimsy can you give us an update on this???

Promo thread posted daily in promo section...Greenbean is doing the month of June and Knitsteel is doing weekends...WE NEED JULY COVERAGE!!! see post #1994 and 1995

Blog Tutorial 101 ongoing.

Scroll bar with banner post # 2006

EtsyMom Yellow Pages: email Cara off line with: http://www.your shop name or web or, name and email. Big job…do you need help Cara?

Balance...trying to find it! Encouraging members to make a schedule and stick to matter how tempting the computer is!!! In the world of sales there will ALWAYS be more to do!!!

Trades to be organized and details to be formulated…contact Whimzypinzy for more details.

Promo swaps see message #1991


Pay attention to your shop addy in signatures...try to add all URLs including blog or website addys, do this for your own marketing purposes…it is the fastest peek to give to members…don’t worry about seeming pushy…it’s our business that we are here to promote!!!
Update personal profile at yahoo with your etsy shop and web/blog addy!!!! Don’t you want members to find your shop???
Please change subject line in posts as topics splinter and evolve, we rely on everyone to do this to help folks do searches and quick views of ideas/posts
There is a search feature, type a keyword from a subject and it will pull up all posts about that word or phrase...thought this would be helpful for folks that aren't reading all posts
Group by topic...messages that is...go to message page and see "group by topic" next to simplify or expand, below message #...try it and see if it helps you read messages works for some folks.

Bloging is helpful for exposure, putting a personal touch to your etsy shop and networking see links (add yours if it is not already there), database and file sections here at yahoo group for more promotional spots. Ann of SuchprettyColors has added some great links for us she has marked them with AAA to keep them at the top…smart cookie she is!!!

Jodi of Happy House Quilts